Cow boy talk

  1.  The girl listens and then she wears that plaid shirt and jeans and its all mud and meat and warm yellow light in the barn house. Its not just fascinating its downright marvelous. Y’all don’t no how much of that back to basics good ole home loving I really crave along with making my tractor driving man a big stack of flap jack pancakes with home made butter and syrup from Auntie Kelly’s.  Wow I can dream of being a princess with a huge closet of shoes and diamonds and fine vacations but I think in the end I would choose to be a real world cow girl if given the chance. Am I crazy to think that riding horses, the smell of leather, home made pies, and listening to the deep country voice of my imaginary cowboy are just as good as it gets? 
  2. Listen up y’all I am going to head out to the back side of Gill’s ranch and see if I can pick out a few trees to harvest for the making of a new supper table.
  3. Jess, tell ma when you see her that I had to make a trip into town for some flour and sugar and I will be back by nightfall.
  4. Get up ye little chillins its time to round up some fixins and a basket of biscuits for a trip to aunt Polly’s 
  5. When Hank finds out that Jon’s back from seeing the Sheriff he’ll be asking a lot of questions
  6. Jessy left me this note and it says “cowgirls don’t whisper”  I think she’s in a tussy again
  7. All the ladies are heading down to the iron bar saloon but if Anita is there, well that’s gonna be trouble.
  8. In the morning, … We Ride