The moon is a secret source of emotional and intellectual creations that are currently streaming into our conscious reality. When we have the courage to visit the streets of the big city and venture from the safety of our protected inner world, we find the world is a reflection of our inner conflict. We are all just a part of the madness we see outside and nothing can stop us from be drawn into the fire. The moon is a cold place to some but to others the moon is hot and chewy, warm and pleasing like the right cheese.

The hot and chewy moon is the reflection you see here, I am a moon child, I know you do not understand, but understanding things is an illusion you are trapped in. The moon was lonely and the earth mother called her to come near as life was only on the earth so the moon began to cry her dry tears. The tears entered the universe and came to the soul of a great being. The being took of the tears and divided itself into 11 souls. The souls returned to the moon to comfort her and the moon began to warm and she then gifted the souls to mother earth. Now we are here to experience this form of existence. I am a artist, I love, I laugh, I flirt, I get my moon cheese for free, and I am in touch with my feminine essence.  I am thankful for the support of my dear friends and amazing artists of the community and the web.  I am Sarah