lets play with feelings

2020 Emotional feelings. I am on the edge yet the edge extends as I ponder wether or not the experience is what I can handle. I can be both me and you, but I can feel even more of us in the trinity, I can experience more of you with emotion than with anything else. […]

Cow boy talk

 The girl listens and then she wears that plaid shirt and jeans and its all mud and meat and warm yellow light in the barn house. Its not just fascinating its downright marvelous. Y’all don’t no how much of that back to basics good ole home loving I really crave along with making my tractor […]

Famous MoonChew Psychic Predictions For 2020

  People are still stuck in 2018, this is a two year to three year trap cycle for those who are holding onto lower vibration energy 1. The  Economy continues to grow with lots of political influences to help the gains. What President Trump is doing for the economy is making a difference with real […]

Grease and Dust

Do you know the smell of old oil and rust, grease and dust? The feeling of wet cold and dry heat all pressed into you at the same time. The sound of the city drifts away and I stayed there waiting for someone to come and talk to me but all that happened was the […]

Peter Galastar Artist Review

I happen to know Peter well enough to have journeyed with him through the turbulent ups and downs of his music and artist experiences and he has always asked for my honest opinion. I have always believed in him and I think his recent work is a showcase of how gifted he really is!  His […]

Very needy Girl

I was almost asleep when the phone rang, the caller was not calling for me so I lay back down and melted into my pitiful sorrows. Tomorrow I take the bus and I am already hoping to sit by a sexy stranger? Where’s my head at, wine just makes me feel so needy…

The Owl is a masterpiece

From the reckless free form shadows of stripped away emotion, to the raw seduction of your trance covered grasp. I cant help but follow the owl. Sometimes as artist we are left without taste as we awe at the creations that marvel in wonder. Dark yes, lonely yes, weird for sure, but worth the journey […]

Road To A Better Life

Come on, wreathed and withered in time without missing a beat? I doubt it, you know you only want to tease and when the fist comes down you run because your a girl not a woman. Satisfaction isn’t always guaranteed. I need a lover not another head pounding whiner. I guess I should dance more…