All is fake and half is real but it’s the other half we dont yet understand

I am left to be the last one here, but not by accident I suppose, or by coincidence as some might see it. …It’s not that way at all, in fact there is no way, there is no place, there is no one, or nothing else, no extras, no chance, not a thing that we can’t agree upon. It is all agreements and that alone is just another reason why I was last to leave, because you and I agree I am here. The consequence of loosing this agreement is perhaps beyond you now, but soon enough with nobody else to witness the vacancy in your  experience just may be filled. If only but a drop of  purity in this always something, he did, she did, they did, they, that, there, because game you seem so at home in, were to  illuminate your inner dwelling being, we might go beyond the illusions you are continually casting. Even the defensive stance you take as you know I am with you but cant see me yet is the illusion to yourself that somehow your container is held onto. The emptiness is half real but that is only because you agree to this concept,…or do you?  You don’t see and you don’t say, you don’t know and seeing eye to eye seems so outdated. …so where do we go from here?  she traced the rim of her very short skirt with her newly painted bright pink nails, slightly revealing the straps to her thigh high stockings.  The reflection of the universe I guess? or are you not the one I was supposed to meet here?real beaver fight